for Tenants

At CPMS, we promise to find the best match for our tenants within budget and criteria. We listen, work, and educate both sides of landlords and tenants to ensure communications are clear.

CPMS has both short and long term rentals all across the Lower Mainland. We work within your budget and criteria to find you the place you want.

We often play the role of educators in making both owners and tenants aware of their respective rights and obligations under the current Act, rules and regulations.

CPMS handles preparation of tenancy agreements, condition inspection reports, strata Form K, preauthorized debit forms and makes the tenant selection and placement a smooth process. All communications with tenants are clear.

We are in regular touch with tenants and ensure they maintain the property in good and clean condition.

We manage properties in the most efficient manner, using our expertise, skills and experience, and by providing the highest level of service.

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