for Landlords

Through CPMS, you get the best rate, support, tenants and rental income possible. We focus on providing the smoothest experience for landlords including: extensive tenant screening, strategized property listing, monthly credit memos, property repairs, expert industry knowledge, and more.

We are landlords ourselves, and therefore understand the work, hassle and stress involved. By signing up with CPMS, we free you from these responsibilities so that you can deal with other matters without having to worry about managing your property.

We list, advertise and show your property using effective marketing strategies. CPMS screens applicants, verifies references, including credit checks, prepares tenancy agreements, arranges move-in inspections, conducts periodic inspections, manages rent increases and attends to tenant requests for repairs.

CPMS issues Credit Memos every month, showing rents collected, security deposits held, any expenses incurred, and amounts paid out to owners. Annual operating statements and Non-Resident Tax slips, where applicable, are provided for tax filing as well.

Whilst these are uncommon as qualified tenants are selected in the first place, in the event that disputes arise, these are handled swiftly. Our property managers have thorough knowledge and understanding of prevailing tenancy laws.

We deal with licensed, bonded and insured contractors to ensure the highest standards of repairs and maintenance whenever these arise. And we are available round the clock to respond to emergencies.

We manage properties in the most efficient manner, using our expertise, skills and experience, and by providing the highest level of service.

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